Classes - fun and energetic sessions for everyone

Funky Feet Music learning through play the musical way.  Designed in-line with the EYFS for young children and adults to enjoy together.

Lots of singing, wriggling, bouncing, laughing, spinning, waving, clapping and learning.


Ballestics is the only explosive Ballet workout that will shape and tone your body while burning calories.  Come along to dance and be inspired, and ultimately have fun.
Ali is the only Ballestics instructor in Leicestershire!!

Ballet is one of the most beautiful dance forms, which develops discipline and the right balance of strength and flexibility.  Alison’s approach to technique class uses the IDTA syllabus but doesn’t take itself too seriously.


FitSteps You’ve seen the TV show now come and try it for yourself.  Do the Cha Cha Cha, Jive, Charleston etc.  No partner or experience needed.  

Wedding Dance choreography is available via The First Dance Company.  Book private sessions for you and your fiancée to create a unique routine just for you and your special day.

Zumba ®  Come and join the dance party craze that’s taken the world by storm!!

Combining Cardio and toning to some fabulous music, you won’t realise you’re working out

Tap combining rhythm with style for a dance form with the ‘WOW’ factor.  IDTA syllabus

“We’ll make the noises together”


Freestyle using pop music to create dynamic routines that allows participants to contribute their moves to the final piece.  IDTA syllabus


Musical Theatre a great mixture of acting, dancing and acting to re-create scenes from your favourite shows.  IDTA syllabus

Dance Exercise takes elements of various dance styles and fundamental aspects of fitness to create fun and effective routines that work your whole body, without you realising it as you’re having fun.  IDTA syllabus

Get in touch  to discuss creating something special for you and your group.