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"Alison has led after school clubs with performances covering various themes; exciting lunchtime clubs with lots of zumba; and curriculum sessions with different styles such as ballet, tap, cha cha and charleston.
She has also led super Kimble's (aka Funky Feet) sessions with the foundation classes .
I highly recommend Alison's enthusiasm , talent and energy towards the teaching of dance!"
Carol Browne, Head Teacher, St Mary's Fields Primary School


"Alison's sessions are always fun, lively and energetic.
The children always look forward to Kimble's (aka Funky Feet) and are motivated as the music and equipment are highly engaging.
Kimble's (aka Funky Feet) has helped greatly with raising children confidence, listening skills, physical skills and sense of rhythm.
It has also given me more confidence as a teacher to lead dance activities.
Alison also led a great whole school Zumba event for us, it was a real success as she selected songs that were appropriate and choreographed moves that were inclusive across the 3-11 age group. The staff, parents and children were talking about it still days after!"
Emma Casson, Foundation Class Teacher, Sparkenhoe Primary School



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"Kimble's (aka Funky Feet) is the most successful Music and Movement scheme for young children that I have come across in my teaching career, which now spans many years.
The songs and music immediately capture the children's attention and the moves and actions put with them enable the children to develop a range of gross motor movements that are physically good for them and which are vital for the development of fine motor skills.
Alison leads the sessions really well, giving clear demonstrations and instructions to the children and her encouraging manner gives them confidence to have a go.
The children hugely enjoy Kimble's (aka Funky Feet) and, once we have started our sessions, ask almost daily if it is "Kimble's" that day. They are more enthusiastic about that than most other school activities."
Debra Gilbert - Foundation Class Teacher, Imperial Avenue Infant School