Annual Update

Wow, it’s been over a year since I updated the website!

Quite a lot has happened, so thought it was a good opportunity to do a quick review of the last year and include some updates of what’s coming up… here goes…


‘Every day is a school day’ as I learn from the people I dance with, but it’s always good to do a proper course! 

October 2022 was Acrobatic Arts Module 1, which allows me to teach acrobatic/gymnastic skills to children aged 3 and upwards.  I have been using the skills in classes at Dancing Gemz and will be delivering sessions in schools for KS1&2 children after half term with CEPD.

April 2023 required a significant step out of my comfort zone to take part in Dodgeball Level 2.  I learnt a lot about how to coach the different skills needed to play dodgeball (throw, catch, dodge, block), but I still find it a bit strange that it’s the only sport where you actively throw things at other people!

June 2023 saw a return to the comfort zone with the new Zumba CIRCLE Mobility programme which is a lovely relaxing, stretching, flowing, full body workout.  I have been using it in some of my classes with both children and adults and it is proving popular.


From January to March 2023 I was part of the Ellesmere Port Dance Festival, organized by the local School Sports Partnership.  I helped to co-ordinate the team of dance teachers visiting the 20+ schools and had 8 schools of my own to create and teach routines to.  The children performed at the Civic Hall and had a fabulous time sharing their hard work with their families and the other participants.  I was thrilled that two of my KS1 groups were placed 1st and 2nd with their performances of ‘This Is Me’ from The Greatest Showman and ‘A Hard Knock Life’ from Annie.


Having returned to the northwest in November 2021 I managed to build up from 7 to 20 classes a week.  Teaching classes to children and adults using elements from acro, ballet, tap, Zumba, cha cha, rock n roll, country dancing, musical theatre, world dance, dance exercise and creative movement.

Coming Up…

I am now at 22 classes a week across 8 different settings in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire and North Wales.

This may well increase in 2024 with a couple of projects in the pipeline.

Here’s my current timetable… I do have a few mornings free so if you’d like to get more people dancing in your setting (nursery, primary, secondary) please drop me a line

MorningLunchAfternoonAfter SchoolEvening
MondayLunch Dance
PE Dance
Acro & Ballet
Dancing Gemz
TuesdayLunch Dance
PE Acro
WednesdayPE Acro
Acro, Ballet & Zumba
Dancing Gemz
Firness Gemz
ThursdayLunch Dance
Street Dance
FridayPE Dance
Lunch Dance
October 2023 Timetable

Thank you

Huge thank yous go to CEPD and Dancing Gemz for their ongoing support and opportunities to share my love of dance.