abDance and COVID-19

Sounds like some kind of children’s story book, let’s hope there’s a happy ending?!

Unsurprisingly things have been a bit quiet on the dance front over the last few weeks, but I have been trying to keep occupied (not least in a bid to say sane!)…

I have been volunteering at E2Online helping to provide food parcels for local people who were struggling with the effects of lockdown (both financially and socially), my main role has been offering telephone call support to some of the more vulnerable people.
I have set up a birthday fundraiser for them, if you’d like to support it, please click the link (Note: All donations do go directly to the charity).

Baby Disco GlitterballBaby Disco has moved to an on-line experience for 2 dates so far (24th May and 12th July) with live Facebook broadcasts from our living room.
We have created a shiny new page on Facebook which is where we’ll be streaming from on the day, so if you want to join in the fun, like/follow us…

Jungle Baby Disco – at home – 12th July 2020

The Ballet classes I normally teach for the Emily Redding Dance Academy also moved to an online platform with a mixture of pre-recorded and live-streamed classes.
It has been fun learning the various aspects of technology required for all of this (recording, editing, publishing, streaming etc), and I was thoroughly patient with myself at all times ( 😉 ) but I did (still do) miss seeing everyone and dancing with them.

Most of my time, normally, is spent delivering dance and Funky Feet Music sessions in schools and nurseries and it is the music, and fun that these sessions inspire, that I have missed the most.
I have recorded myself doing some of the tracks which are now on YouTube, but because of potential copyright I flagged them as ‘unlisted’ and have only been sharing them with the staff from the settings I would normally visit.
If you would like to know more and maybe receive a sample from my video collection, please get in touch

I will close with a what’s next…
– Risk Assessments ready for return – likely September at the earliest
– Funky Feet Music dance programme – watch this space
– School Sports Premium is confirmed as £320million for 20/21 so I will be back in schools and nurseries as soon as it is safe to do so.