Keeping Busy…

Well, this third lockdown is not fun. I REALLY am missing face to face contact with family and friends as well as all of the people I would normally be dancing with.
I find that keeping busy is the only way to (try to) keep sane and trying to stay hopeful that we will be able to see the people we love and care about soon.

Here’s a couple of fliers to share what I’ve been up to and how we might be able to work together to get people in your setting dancing…
Do get in touch to discuss you’re requirements –

abDance Dance Offer

abDance Offer

I just wanted to get all of what I can do in one place…
Here it is…
A mixture of online and in person classes for children and adults alike
All abilities catered for

In collaboration with Funky Feet Music

Three annual fee programmes full of resources to support the teaching of fun and engaging sessions for children aged 3 to 7.
A perfect way to invest your Sports Premium Funding.
Also a FREE Taster programme with samples from each of the programmes so you can get a flavour before you buy

Dance Programme…

A wide variety of dance styles from around the world.

Use the resources in PE classes and to support learning of cross curricular topics

Activity Boosters

To use as brain breaks throughout the day

Can also use as part of PE classes and to support cross curricular learning

Fine Motor

Specifically designed to support the development of fine motor skills which are essential for learning to write

Get in touch with Funky Feet Music –